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Re: More on 24 fps

In a message dated 97-05-28 21:49:53 EDT, David wrote:

<< This bring up an interesting point, and to me a bewildering issue. It has
been my experience that very few facilites actually do any pitch correction
when mastering 24 fps films in PAL at 25 fps. As hard as I try, I have been
unable to convince anyone, even my studio clients, that this is neccessary.
Is anyone actually pitch correcting, or do the Europeans just believe we all
sound a little like Mickey Mouse?  >>

I suppose I should have kept "Dear Abby's" old addage in mind, "All
generalizations are wrong, including this one!" before writing that audio
pitch correction when going from 24fps film to 25 fps PAL is such a big
issue.  It is for some clients, and it ain't for others.  When it comes to
ordinary programming, nobody seems to care very much.  On the other hand,
serious musical material often needs attention since the 4% speed-up throws
everything out of key, upsetting discerning listeners.  We do pitch
correction in telecine only on rare occasions when the client requests it; on
the other hand, we usually include it in standards conversions.

Christopher Bacon

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