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RE>Re: PAL into NTSC Transfers

> Some people
>go so far as to power their telecines down before changing standards

This is not needed, EHT off is fine. As a rule , always avoid power cycling telecines!

>The second thing is that each standard in the Renaissance is a separate
>software option; unless yours was bought or upgraded to a dual standard
>system, it won't work as one.  Your da Vinci sales rep is the person to talk
>to for sorting this out.

This is true, but why this is so is a mystery.I feel this should be a standard feature in an international product such as a telecine controller. 

Turning over the TK bay between standards is straight forward requiring a simple sync feed changeover and a daVinci config. Care needs to be taken that all stills stores etc are switched to follow input syncs and the use of autoswitching digital encoders is neat if possible.

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