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Re: Help me find test film.

> Can any of you knowledgeable people out there, tell me where I can obtain the following test film.
> 16mm OPTICAL sound frequency response test.
> Don't bother suggesting Cintel, Kodak, or SMPTE because we've already been there, and to no avail.
> Many thanks, etc.
> Neil Parker
> Granada Television, Manchester, Great Britain

According to my "Handy-Dandy"SMPTE Test Materials catalog, the film you
want is the P16-MF.  In fact, I just dug out our film and verified the
part numbers on it.
Phone number is 914-761-1100 but was un-successful in getting fax.
However the address on the test materials catalog is:
SMPTE, 862 Scarsdale Ave. Scarsdale NY 10583.

I am hoping that your entry didn't mean that they didn't have any, and
wern't planning on making any more........


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