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Re: Speaking of test films

LeeLipner at aol.com wrote:
> How useful to the telecine function is the inclusion of a
> registation/alignment clip in a lab flat's leader ?
> Lee Lipner
> Film Craft Lab
> a division of Grace & Wild, Inc.

I made this suggestion years ago when Keycode first came out, & I'd like
to re-iterate. Whereas now Keycode timing is pretty much nailed down, at
the time it wasn't, and this would provide a good reference on Keycode
transfers that come back to haunt you later:  

It would be nice if a leader & countdown had the keycode numbers
imbedded in it also burned in on the film.  This way a ready reference
would be displayed on the film (at least during countdown). The benifits
of this would be greatly appreciated after the session is over and you
find yourself on the phone with a client and no film to immediately
compare against.  At least with this 8-10 seconds of film you can
compare the accuracy of the Keycode at the start of the session.  


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