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What a concept!

Last Thursday (May 29) some of the design and product development guys from
Tektronix held several meetings in L.A. to discuss with broadcasters and
post houses their needs for dealing with the transition to ATV. I feel I
have to give a bold cheer "Thank you" to Tek for doing this. Too many times
equipment manufacturers have "announced" their product line to us without
asking what we need or want. Tektronix broke that tradition by requesting
our feedback and it was very much appreciated (No, this is not an
endorsement of Tek products, just a note of saying "Wow, that felt really

I want to open the question Tektronix asked asked those at the meeting to
the entire group.

What products do you want and need to make the transition to HDTV? (doesn't
have to be Tek gear)

Or in a more general sense, if you could tell any manufacturer what you
wanted changed / developed in their product line-up, what would it be???

Thanks again to Bruce Penney of Tektronix, that was an excellent example of
what this industry needs more of!!!

Ron Martin
Universal HD Telecine / DVD Center
rlmarti at unistudios.com

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