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sticky mat (ivor at vljhb.vlg.co.za)

Dear Ivor,

you're asking for the sticky mat, we're using it in our telecine rooms.

There are two different kinds of mats:

One is self-adhesive, thickness about 1.5 mm, 30 layers.
You stick it onto the flat floot (maybe with a metal shield below if the
floor is not even) and you remove layer by layer when it has become
dirty by use. Also available to avoid electro-static discharge to
electronics. This product is called BASAMAT F 30.

The other one has about 3 mm thickness (also available in 6 mm).
You lay it on the floor only, il will not move by itself, because it
sticks on both sides. You clean it daily and careful with a common floor
cleaner (the cleaning women can do this, but they should use a very fine
floor-cloth). This product is called BASAMAT Typ P.

Both mats are available in different sizings.

The manufacturer is:

Cleanroom Products
Bachstrasse 22
D-65830 Kriftel
Tel.:  (+49) 061 92 / 99 86-0
Fax:   (+49) 061 92 / 99 86-50
Email: info at basan.com

With best regards


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