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RE: No Overlaps

I was watching for a reply to this, but sadly, there's not much from
this list. Have you tried the editing list (editing-l at lists.best.com),
if you are on that one. It's assistant editors and neg matchers who
really stand to gain from clean lists.

Excalibur (interfacing directly with the telecine) and I believe Aaton's
Keylink can be set to clean up any overlaps, false starts etc
post-process.  But your success will depend a lot on your approach to
the transfer. 

++Tub-thumping starts here ++ Please perservere with this. It's
impossible to over-emphasise the importance of accurate and plain
timecode/keykode lists.  Down the track, when the neg matcher gets the
scissors out, they only get one chance. There's no "undo" button. ++End
of thump++

PS What's a "marco"?

--||--  Dominic Case  --||--
--||--  Atlab Australia  --||--

>From: 	lmiess at planet.eon.net[SMTP:lmiess at planet.eon.net]
>Subject: 	No Overlaps
>I am working on a feature that will be a film finish.  The assistant editor 
>has requested a clean flex file.  Does anyone have an easy marco or piece of 
>software to accomplish this?  Any help would be appreciated.
>Lorne Miess

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