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RE: No Overlaps

GRAHAM P.M. COLLETT  6/3/97 7:12  wrote:

>> From: 	Lorne T. Miess
>> I am working on a feature that will be a film finish.  
>> The assistant editor has requested a clean flex file.  
>> Does anyone have an easy marco or piece of software 
>> to accomplish this?  Any help would be appreciated.
> I thought the flex files could be cleaned up after the film 
> had been transfered
> Maybe JP can add something.  graham

I thought I had already posted the following... but 
as the roman said _bis repetita placent_, so:

Keylink has a FileLogger macro which batch eliminates 
overlaps in one go. 
As an alternative you could also use the new 
AvidLogExchange v2.2 software coming with all Film Composers: 
whatever the list you have in hands, convert it into ALE 
with the activated 'clean' option, then re-convert it 
from ALE to FLeX (or ATN).


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