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Re: No Overlaps


>I am working on a feature that will be a film finish.  The assistant editor 
>has requested a clean flex file.  Does anyone have an easy marco or piece of

>software to accomplish this?  Any help would be appreciated.

It just so happens that I am an assistant editor who has been subscribing to
this list and finally found something I can respond to.

I work on features, most of the time on the Avid Film Composer. The Avid
comes with a program called Avid Log Exchange. This program will take any of
a number of telecine log formats including Flex, Aaton and Evertz and convert
it to ALE--Avid's own format. When you convert a file you have the option of
cleaning the list which removes the overlaps. In addition, the program will
convert an ALE file to Flex, Aaton or Evertz although I found out that Avid
throws out some information in the process. 

It looks like your assistant editor doesn't know about this program. If this
is an Avid show and you don't mind an extra two minutes of work, you might
ask that they lend you a copy of their program. Avid keeps trying to keep up
with everyone's new specs. so it is best to use the version that came with
their software. That way you can provide clean ALE files. Of course the Film
Composer is a Mac so this program doesn't work on a PC.

--Daniel Fort 

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