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RE: No Overlaps

When transferring takes, it is common to hit the TLC "OUT" key later than desired, requiring the 
need to mark a differen "Edit In" point for the next take and also "clean" the previously 
recorded event "Edit Out" times to match.  A single TLC Macro sequence may be constructed to do 
this entire process with one keystroke.  The exact macro may vary based upon need and machines, 
but this listing should provide the general idea.  This macro was intended for the "Classic" TLC 
system.  The newer TLC2 systems would use less keystrokes, but functionally the same.  I have 
more macros for Classic systems which I hope to post on our WEB page soon.

This macro is VTR based, meaning, you would select your edit times via positioning the VTR.  A 
similar one could be easily film based.  It The general idea is to record the take.  Hit the OUT 
key when it is finished.  Position the VTR to the desired Edit In point.  Hit one key which will 
mark the desired Edit In point on all devices, clean the previous event's Edit Out Times, then 
continue on with the record process.  It is really that simple.  If you are typing all these 
keys by hand and not using macros, you are spending a lot of time typing.

Mark New Edit In Point and Clean Previous Edit Out Point - VTR Based

	VTR A, Mark In			; trims to nearest A Frame
	Film A, Set In VTR A, Set In	; Do this if transferring one to one and wish to
						; obtain the telecine A Frame equivalent.
						; You must set the sync point at the beginning
						; of the transfer as usual.

Prior					; positions the list at the previous
						; event.
	VTR A					; select tape
	Mark Out				; Out point not yet A frame rounded
	Film A				; select film.
	Duration, VTR A Duration,	; transfers the film out time to the
	Enter					; VTR out time, but A frame rounded.
	Duration, VTR-A, Duration,	; Uses duration to update out times
	Enter					; instead of VTR A out time which
						; will work with dissimilar timecodes.
	Position Cursor			; not really an actual keystroke.
						; Make sure cursor is sitting where
						; you normally have it positioned
						; for recording events
	Replace, Yes			; replace the event.
	Next					; Now position to next event.

						; You are ready to record

This assumes you are selectively marking the Film Edit In point.  If transferring the entire 
reel of film and wish to maintain the relationship between Film and VTR, make sure you set the 
sync point at the beginning and modify the macro to transfer VTR in points to Film in points.  
There are many variations to this, but the end result is easily obtained.  A clean list with no 
gaps or overlaps.  All with a single keystroke.

Regards, Gary Adams

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