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RE: Help me find test film.

>Can any of you knowledgeable people out there, tell me where I can obtain the following test film.
>16mm OPTICAL sound frequency response test.
>Don't bother suggesting Cintel, Kodak, or SMPTE because we've already been there, and to no avail.

Many thanks for all your suggestions, I am currently trying to follow them up. I haven't been able to contact Ed Schuller, is he e-mailable Bill?
I think I should have elaborated on my original posting however. (Only trying to save Transatlantic Interconnect Bandwidth you see.) We have tried on two occasions very recently to purchase the P16-MF which SMPTE is still advertising. On both occasions we were told that this film is no longer available. On the 2nd occasion we got an e-mail back saying the nearest they had was a Jiffy Projector Evaluation Film which they admitted was only good for proving that you had sound coming out of your machine and no more.
We are quite keen to get hold of a new test film because we have a huge library of optical material.

Cheers.    Neil Parker

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