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Doug Korte describes below a document that is now available on the TIG
webpage engineering section
'http://www.alegria.com/telecine/engineering.html' as the first link
in the 'references' section.  It's a bit too big at 350k to post to
the group.

--- Forwarded mail from Douglas Korte <dkorte at ix.netcom.com>

DT: May 27, 1997
To: Rob Lingelbach  <rob at alegria.com>
Fr: Doug Korte (Ampex)


I'm sending this to you directly so you can post it where you feel it
is appropriate. There has been quite a bit of discussion regarding
PAL to NTSC & 24 frame video lately, and a number of questions are
outstanding.  I've put together the attached paper (in Adobe Acrobat
format) which outlines what Ampex has been doing on this subject.

We began work on this process several years ago as a joint effort with
Warner Bros. and Sweden's Digital Vision. Essentially, the process
allows for standard 625/25 frame recordings to be played back at
625/23.97 then adding 3:2 pulldown and interpolating 100 lines to
generate a 525/29.97 clone.  Provisions for 16X9 pan & scan,
letter-box, and color space conversions are provided.

Mark Schubin described our ITS presentation on the subject in
Videography, August 1994 and Iain Blair wrote an article about what we
called Electronic Film Mastering (EFM) which appeared in Film & Video
in October 1994. Most recently, I made a presentation where we (Ampex
& Digital Vision) demonstrated a fully working system at the Los
Angeles SMPTE meeting in September, 1996.

The EFM process has been in operation and an integral part of Warner
Bros.' film mastering since 1995, and has been used by other facilities
as well for film transfer, data encoding and animation. DCT tape drives
are now also being used for tape-to-tape color correction with these
625/25 masters. We felt so strongly about this concept that Ampex DCT
1700d tape drives now come standard with this feature, as well as 625/25
and 525/30. Earlier DCT tape drives are fully upgradeable as well. We
have also since made available the option of recording 625/23.97 with
playback at 625/25 for those wanting to go from NTSC to PAL,  making the
DCT drive truly tri-standard.

I hope the attached paper will be of interest to the group. If anyone
would like additional information they are welcome to call me direct at

Best Regards,

The Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free of charge at 

Douglas Korte
Ampex Corporation
Fax: 805-250-0652
Email: Doug_Korte at  Ampex.com or dkorte at ix.netcom.com

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