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Aaton Keylink 6.02e

About a month ago, I sent a posting that was somewhat critical of certain
aspects of Aaton Keylink version 6.02 software.  In response to this, Jean
Pierre invited me to download and try a newer version, 6.02e, which addressed
the issues I had.

After using it in one of our telecine suites for a few weeks, I'd have to say
that this is the best Keylink version yet.  The main problem I had, inability
to adjust existing gate configs, no longer exists -- you can tweak the
configs on a job-by-job basis if necessary -- and some key placement has been
rearraged.  It has worked flawlessly for us.  My comments about the previous
version are obsolete, and I guess I have to eat some "humble crow" for the
strident tone I used at that time.  

Christopher "pass the ketchup" Bacon
DuArt Video

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