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Sticky mats

Ivor was looking for some sticky mats.....

Ivor, There is a company here in Sydney that carries this product with 
agents around the world ....
He has emailed me and I have attached below his message....hope this 
Peter O'Connor
Video 8 - Sydney.

My company Cleanroom Products specialises in
the supply of contamination control products.
We have sticky(we refer to them as Tacky Mats) ex stock in Sydney,
they come in 2 forms,
30 sheets per mat 46cm x 116cm , 4 mats per carton. US$195.00 per ctn.
60 sheets per mat 46cm x 116cm , 4 mats per carton. US$265.00 per ctn.
these are slightly thinner per sheet, however would be more than
adequate for your application, also less expensive per sheet to freight.
All prices are FOB Sydney Australia,
Terms t/t with order.

Please send your fax no. so we may fax you product information.

Trust this info helps


Adrian Williams
Managing Director
Cleanroom Products P/L
e-mail cleanrg at ibm.net
fax 61 2 9437 4351
phn 61 2 9439 3622

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