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Brimar/Cintel CRT School/Tech Meetings

To all Telecine Engineers and Colorists,

Following the responses to my earlier posting on this subject  I can now
confirm a schedule of CRT Schools/Technical Meetings has been arranged for
the following, locations, dates and times, details are:

Chicago: 17, June hosted by Sky View Film and Video, 541, North Fairbanks
22nd Floor, assemble 6-00 pm for 6-30 pm start.
contact: Mike Weaver (312) 670 1412.

Toronto: 18, June hosted by Video Design, 39, Mowat Street assemble 6-00pm
for 6-30 start 
contact: Patty Brooks (416) 538-1775 or e-mail patty at vdsican.com

Vancouver 19, June hosted by Rainmaker Digital,  50, West 2 nd Avenue,
assemble 5-30pm for 6-00pm start. 
contact: Dave Harrison (604) 872 7000      

Los Angeles: 20, June at Cintel Inc Offices, 25358, Avenue Stanford
Valencia assemble 5-30 pm for 6-00 pm start.
and 21, June again at Cintel Inc Valencia assemble 9-00am for 9-30am start.
contact: David Hurst or Susann Walker (805) 294-2310

Washington DC: 26, June hosted by Henninger Capitol, 2121, Wisconsin Ave NW
assemble 6-00 pm for 6-30pm start.
contact: Spence Burton (703) 244-3444 or e-mail sburton at henninger.com   

New York : 27, June hosted by Nice Shoes 352, Park Avenue South 16 th floor
assemble 12-00 noon for 12-30 pm start. 
contact: Joe Botazzi  (212) 683-1704

For those people reading this notice for the first time, the CRT
Schools/Technical meetings are intended for all levels of telecine enginers
and colorists, all are invited to attend.

Topics will include safe removal and disposal of old CRT's, installation
and setup of new CRT, alignment techniques, sleep or standby conditions and
why, measurement techniques, product improvements etc, followed by
questions and answers or any other related topic the audience may care to

To assist those facilities who have kindly offered to host these meetings
could you please confirm to those facility contacts of your intentions to
attend or contact me directly by phone (805) 294 2310 ext 217 or e-mail
dave_hurst at compuserve.com 

I look forward to meeting you all at the meetings.


David Hurst
CRT Marketing , Cintel Inc.

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