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RE: Help me find test films

It is true that the SMPTE 16mm test films have not been available for
some period of time.  It might be possbile to obtain test films from
a European source such as AGFA, although I must admit that I was not
able to find any reference to such materials at the BKSTS Home Page.

As a last resort you could have your own test film created.  Anyone
who has a 16mm optical sound track recorder could shoot a negative
from a sound roll which you provided.  But this should not be
construed as a PRIMARY or even SECONDARY STANDARD.  At best, it could
be used as a "relative reference" only after optically measuring it
for accuracy and creating a custom table of "correction factors". 
This could also be done by playing the film on a reproducer that has
been calibrated to a primary standard and then recording (writing
down) the discrepancies as corrections

My understanding is that the SMPTE films were shot onto positive film
stock and no printing was required.  My guess is that most existing
16mm cameras are calibrated to shoot on negative stock which would
then need to be printed creating a positive  "sound only print".  I
don't know if anyone would be interested in recalibrating their
camera to shoot on positive stock.  I do know that people have
successfully created their own test films using this technique.

Best of luck in your adventure.

Larry Goga

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