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Re: Extreme techniques... some questions

> Date:          Sat, 07 Jun 1997 16:56:11 -0500
> To:            telecine at alegria.com
> From:          Craig Leffel <acleffel at mindspring.com>
> Subject:       Extreme techniques... some questions

> Anyone have a favorite way they like to see cross-processing done? I've
> transferred a bunch of film like this, but I can't say what is preffered --

	Hi, I don't think there are 50 ways of doing cross processing, 
although, a lab in Paris (not very convenient I admit), does interneg 
on ekta, the good thing is that they can colortime this interekta, as 
they call it, it gives you a kind of technicolor look, very cool...

> Anyone know a lab that will process Infrared Black and White 35mm ( I don't
> know the motion picture stock number) Anyone know what the minimum amount of
> footage Kodak will sell is? What the minimum amount the lab will process?
	I have come across Infrared one time, the stock was in rolls of 30m, 
but the producer said he could only get a few rolls only, because it 
was manufactured for the army mostly (true or not?), in any case very 
difficult to get, the look of this stock is absolutely amazing, as 
you have probably seen on photographs, but it is bloody grainy, even 
a Spirit with a noise reducer set at 300db could not cope with it!

> Any other favorite film processes?

	Well, you have to find some nutty people like in Paris and try with 
them things like bi-pack for instance, but I believe that with 
today's color correctors you can match any film processing from a 
regular neg (print look bleached whites is an example), DPs don't 
like to hear that but it is the truth, however it is useful to get 
from time to time something else than a straight neg, it gives you 
new ideas, and helps when you don't know what you are looking for.

> but I'm not looking for transfer techniques -- I'm mainly interested in
> answering some questions for the DP's I work with about their own control
> over their film.

	Do they bring a slide or anything to show you what you have to 
match ?

	Looking forward to read your comments, best regards.


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