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Re: Extreme techniques... some questions

>Anyone have a favorite way they like to see cross-processing done? I've 
>transferred a bunch of film like this, but I can't say what is preffered -- 
>I don't have enough time to get in long conversations with the DP's that 
>send this kind of work thru. There's just enough time to find out the look 
>in mind and then it's off to the races - no time for lots of detail on the 
>finer points of going either way in the crossover. 
>Anyone have a lab they can recommend for Bleached whites? Any details? will 
>they do it in the midst of the day? special run? etc..... 
I transferred some cross-processed film last week. The client 
told me it was done at Crest National Labs. You could call the 
lab at (213) 466-0624 or ask for Lee.
Terry Goins
twgoins at aol.com

June 11, 1997
1:01 am

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