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From: Asa Shoul at FrameStore
Date: 5/27/97 5:25PM
To: INTERNET:telecinedigestrequest at sun.alegria.com at CSERVE
To: Asa Shoul
Subject: Windows,Layers,Masks...
---------------------------- Forwarded with Changes ---------------------------
From: Asa Shoul at FrameStore
Date: 5/27/97 4:01PM
To: INTERNET:telecinedigest at sun.alegria.com at CSERVE
To: Asa Shoul
Subject: Windows,Layers,Masks...

============== Begin part 2 ==========================

     Hello all,
                I've just returned to work after 2 weeks paternity leave,(a 
     little baby girl Matilda) and so have read the last 100 or so postings 
     in one go, which is a great way to view the TIG by the way.
        For the past 2 years I've been improving my relationship with 
     various colourcorrector manufacturers to the point where although not 
     being a beta test site I feel we're included in some way towards 
     development,(e.g. why not configure it this way,etc...). 
        My conversations with both Pandora and Video Engineering, (who make 
     RSQ) go something like this:-
     Me.     Can it do "x"?
     Them.   Why would you want to do that?
     Me.     Because if I want to do "this" I need that "there".
     Them.   Oh...I see what you mean. Yes we could write something for     
             that/look into it for the future...etc 
             (Years now pass...)
        Since acquiring the Platinum,(which again increases the 
     speed/versatility of the telecine session) I have been unable to have 
     it permanently on-line because for my needs it requires a few software 
     re-writes which are apparently imminent, (Why these were not 
     spotted/requested by the beta test site I'm not sure, unless they use 
     it in a different way to me.)
        The point I'll now get to is that the minute I receive a new piece 
     of kit, be it windows,masks,k-scope,filters,clrview,twigi,etc, I find 
     myself and a few of my more demanding clients wanting more!
        Yes DCP+ESR is beautifully clean and very powerful but I'd like 
     more layers,(or is it windows?) and I still find that I'll use the 
     cybermasks on RSQ for tracking but the ESR for grads and tints.
        Both DaVinci and RSQ use a cursor to initially select a tone,but 
     Pogle does not, and while Henry's have 4point tracking I have yet to 
     see a telecine suite with anything close, not to mention edge 
        We all have to keep up with the times, and so buy new kit every 
     year, and granted we have come a long way in the last few years but I 
     believe we should be more ready to dictate the future of our craft and 
     it's tools. Rather than saying mines bigger than yours shouldn't we 
     say mine's wide but I'd love your length. The manufacturers solve 
     problems,(Twigi) and give us better tools,(ESR,Power Windows) and 
     although they could never collaborate,(who wants a monopoly, we might 
     be forced to pay silly prices) I still believe a more complete system 
     should be available. 
        The TIG often degenerates into Colourists justifying which system 
     they've bought/use instead of saying COME ON MANUFACTURERS, WHY CAN'T 
        Tempting fate I'll say that there are very few things I can't do 
     now in one pass, including 2,3,4 different grades...so maybe I'm just 
     being greedy and impatient.
     Yours,(soon to be flamed to death),

============== End part 2 ============================

** thanks to Alan Thatcher and Grace & Wild Studios for 
contributing to the TIG in 1997
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