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Stirring it up

 Asa_Shoul wrote:
>         The point I'll now get to is that the minute I receive a new
>      of kit, be it windows,masks,k-scope,filters,clrview,twigi,etc, I
>      myself and a few of my more demanding clients wanting more!


>...so maybe I'm just  being greedy and impatient.

Paul Grace wrote;

>See my point. I would find the total telecine solution in a box quite
boring and rigid. There is a comparison here with say >Henry, a fixed total
solution and Flame with it's open architecture and third party plug ins.


It appears there is a worldwide telecine power shortage, and I'm not
talking mains voltages. Asa Shoul is right to expect more from his system,
and Paul Grace is correct in wanting an open architecture. All one has to
do is look at other parrallel systems like Flames, AVID's, and even Mac's
to know that we are horribly under powered. If all the manufacturers on
this list are eavesdropping or lurking they certainly must be hearing the
battle cries from the foxholes. We need reinforcements. Send in the power
tools. We all will gladly pay more to do something beyond replicating
traditional exposures. To create something of intrinsic value, we need more
handles in the color environment. Face it, the telecine as we know it will
always be a scanner, and the tools for manipulation will always be image
processing based. Someday soon someone will come to market with a simple
video and film multiplexer (the blender) to handle I/O and the rest of the
equation will be software and plug ins. If its XR6 based, then we can
contract our own blocks if we want to. Hell, the UNIX world is full of
image manipulation apps that are freeware. I can do more with a pedestrian
program like XVIEW than I can with rubber bands and paper clips in a
telecine bay. (Does anyone else color correct USENET binary downloads
before they hit your hard disk?) Lets enter the third dimension in image
manipulation software for the color correction environment. I'm tired of my
clients telling me they can do this on theyre power books. I want textures,
mapping, embossing, etc. I want it in real time. I want it now. I'll pay
for it. Who wants my check?

>Rushes  at  London - The best Telecine house in the world ;-)

Gee Paul, I may take exception to this claim over a pint someday.


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