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Re: Stirring it up

On Jun 12, 16:27, "Bob Festa" wrote:
} Subject: Stirring it up

> (Does anyone else color correct USENET binary downloads
> before they hit your hard disk?) 

actually, yes, and xview-3.10 and gimp are great tools.  The unix
community's tradition of group authoring, development, and support of
freely-available code is a fantastic thing.  I've had dialogues with the
original authors of Perl, Expect, and other programming languages about
porting problems and features that put to shame the support
departments of the companies offering commercial software packages... 
help for almost any problem is just a Usenet post away.

> I'm tired of 
> clients telling me they can do this on theyre power books. I want textures,
> mapping, embossing, etc. I want it in real time. 

The addition of windows/layers to our color-correction environment was
the first tentative step toward a more effect-oriented approach-- I 
second your plea, Bob, for more processing capabilities in film transfer
and color-correction.

Senior Colorist, Pacific Ocean Post, Santa Monica, CA

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