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Re: Extreme techniques... some questions

On Sat, 07 Jun 1997, Craig Leffel <acleffel at mindspring.com> wrote:
>Anyone know a lab that will process Infrared Black and White 35mm ( I don't
>know the motion picture stock number) Anyone know what the minimum amount of
>footage Kodak will sell is? What the minimum amount the lab will process?

Kodak High Speed Infrared Film 2481
Cat. # 160 4149 (Estar Base) HIE417, 35mm x 150 FT.  B&H perf.
Nominal E.I. without filter: 80.  Minimum order: one roll (50 units/case).

This film is also available 16mm x 450 Ft., but only as a special order.
Minimum order: 75 rolls; 4-6 week manufacturing time required.

Tech data sheet available by calling Kodak Information Center: 800-242-2424.
If you still need lab info, let me know and I'll check further.

Don Ver Ploeg
Consultant for Kodak PMI

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contributing to the TIG in 1997
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