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The end of stuffing around in telecine syncing sound

Dear TIG
For those able to pop into SHOWBIZ expo in LA tomorrow (Sunday) - on the
AATON stand
you'll find a box that will end all the problems of syncing in telecine
provided they've used AatonCode or PanaCode properly. ( Sorry Tim Bond - I
know you love syncing!)

Frankly - this new INDAW box with INSTANT SYNC on KEYLINK is stunning and I
congratulate JPB and his team on a brilliant job -  It's literally now as
much effort for the colourist sound syncing on dailies as transferring an
optical sound print - but with DAT quality.

Once DPs see that sound distractions for colourists are gone and producers
see the considerable savings they'll make - those not shooting code can
retire to Jurassic Park!


John Bowring (Having fun at ShowBiz playing with the toys!)

John Bowring  jbowring at lemac.com.au
Lemac Film & Video, Australia
Phone +61 3 9429 8588 Fax +61 3 9428 3336

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