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Re: Telecine and B + W

> Any one know, or have any Ideas.
> Steven Gladstone

One day I had a colour negative deposited in my hands that had been
mistakenly shot with a red filter (the DOP had muddled up using red
filter with B & W stock for more contrast).

Anyway after thinking that my telecine had broken itself between the
last job and the one I am discussing (no signal in the green or blue
channel at all!), I asked gingerly if the client had  used a filter.... 
Yes was the reply and after some head scratching and thought, I ran
round the back of the machine and ended up plugging the red channel down
the blue and green at the same time and hey presto we had the effect
that they were looking for in the first place.  In actual fact my RSQ
does that anyway as a software switch.

Great results completely by chance!

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