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Bravo, Technicolor

I saw Batman & Robin this weekend, and was absolutely enthralled by the look
of the print.  Noting that Technicolor was featured in the credits, I did a
bit of research today and discovered that this film is one of the first in a
revival of the Technicolor die-transfer process.  

 The fact that I went to see this movie with no prior knowledge of the
revival of this process, and was moved enough by the look of it to say "wow"
a couple of times during the showing, is perhaps testiment to superiority of
this process!

I will be counting the days to the re-issue of "The Wizard of Oz"

No, I am in no way affiliated with Technicolor, etc.-etc.

Jim Erickson, Colorist, Colorlab

** thanks to 525 Post for contributing to the TIG in 1997
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