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re: matting concerns (suppress)

On Sun, 22 Jun 1997 17:02:21 -0700 (that's mighty early for a Sunday), 
Rob Linglebach wrote,
>I'm called upon occasionally to do transfer of bluescreen or
>greenscreen shots for which I am asked by the compositor (Flame or
>Henry artist) to provide the following for each scene:
>1) 'native' color with regard for later matte of the blue or green
>2) matte (hicon)
>3) 'suppress' pass -

If the foreground subject allows for this, it's possible to optimize the
foreground subject to produce a clean Hicon through the switcher, lay it off
to a DDR and then return this key signal to the daVinci key input as a
"live" window.  The foreground can then be colored separately to subtract
flare and spillage and the background suppressed to zero chroma.  This works
best on pin-reg'd elements where you have to repeat the exact weave
component on each pass.  Key timing is also an issue so the daVinci has a
handle to retime the input key to lay it over the original.  It might be
worthwhile to slightly defocus the original key record to produce a slightly
softened window.  This can be done optically or through a switcher.

Comments invited.

Dean Humphus


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