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re: matting concerns (suppress)

On Jun 23,  9:16, Dean Humphus wrote:
} Subject: re: matting concerns (suppress)

> On Sun, 22 Jun 1997 17:02:21 -0700 (that's mighty early for a Sunday), 
> Rob Linglebach wrote,

Dean, the 'Sun, 22 Jun 1997 17:02:21 -0700' means that the message was
written at 5:02:21 PM PDT on Sunday, offset is negative 7 hours from
Universal Coordinated Time.

And my name is spelled 'Lingelbach' ;-).

> If the foreground subject allows for this, it's possible to optimize the
> foreground subject to produce a clean Hicon through the switcher, lay it off
> to a DDR and then return this key signal to the daVinci key input as a
> "live" window.  The foreground can then be colored separately to subtract
> flare and spillage and the background suppressed to zero chroma.  This works
> best on pin-reg'd elements where you have to repeat the exact weave

Hmmm, interesting approach, but extremely complicated-- I think I'd
prefer to take either Sam Dlugach's approach of just allowing the
Fire/Flame compositor to pull the matte, or just reenter the DDR into
the color-corrector to create the suppress pass.

But my crux question: is the suppress pass necessary in this day
and age, with the color capabilities of the effects boxes (Flame,

(by the way, I decided, post post, to check the TIG archives on this
subject [using Excite to search on keyword 'suppress'], and found that
in March, 1995, I asked this very same question [how to achieve
the suppress pass] --uncanny how similar the posts are ;-))

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