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Re: Bravo, Technicolor

I would like to take this opportunity to give posthumous recognition to Mr.
L. Jeffrey Selznick (son of "Gone With The Wind" producer David O. Selznick)
, who I believe was instrumental in persuading Technicolor to revive and
modernize the dye-transfer process, and worked with the lab as a consultant
during the last few years. It is unfortunate that his recent untimely passing
has robbed him of the opportunity to enjoy the results of his work. I was
fortunate to have worked closely with Jeffrey several years ago on
remastering GWTW, and developed a great respect for the beauty of the
Technicolor imbibition process. Yesterday I was honored to attend a small
memorial service for Jeffrey at his home, where tribute was paid to a man
whose work in this area, as well as his leading efforts in film preservation,
will allow us all to re-live some of the glory of Hollywood past. He will be
sorely missed.

David Bernstein

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