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Technicolor Porcess

At 05:57 PM 6/22/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I saw Batman & Robin this weekend, and was absolutely enthralled by the look
>of the print.  Noting that Technicolor was featured in the credits, I did a
>bit of research today and discovered that this film is one of the first in a
>revival of the Technicolor die-transfer process.  
I don't believe that Technicolor is in a position to manufacture
"Dye-Transfer"  prints in any quantity at the present time. Their time
table for production is December of this year, and then, only in limited
runs - certainly not the thousands of prints required for a "Batman" movie.

I am told that any prints done now must be produced by hand, which is a
slow and tedious process. I am also informed that only two "Dye Transfer"
prints were manufactured for the premier of the film. I have been unable to
discover if any of these prints are currently being projected locally to
the viewing public at the present time.

Tom Nottingham
Complete Post Telecine

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