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Re:Bravo Techinicolor

     The following is a post from the cinematographers mail list which may 
     shed some light on the Limited run of dye transfer prints made.  I 
     leave it to you to decide whether to post to the TIG or not.
     Rick Anthony
     Duart Film & Video
     <<<Heres the info from clari.biz.industry.media.entertainment.releases 
     BURBANK, Calif.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--June 19, 1997--Warner  
     Bros.' "Batman & Robin" is ready to astound audiences everywhere when 
     it opens this week, but a certain group of ticket-holders will have an 
     even more unique thrill. 
     Selected opening weekend theatergoers in Los Angeles, and later  
     in London and New York, will see a print of the movie featuring a new 
     and improved version of the Technicolor dye-transfer process that 
     makes Gotham City and its inhabitants spring even more intensely to 
     life.  For the first time in more than 20 years, a new motion picture 
     will be exhibited in the United States that brings to the screen the 
     richness and intensity of Technicolor's dye-transfer process. 
     One dye-transfer print of "Batman & Robin" will be screened on  
     June 20, 21 and 22 at the Mann's Village Theater in Westwood.  On June 
     27, 28 and 29, it will be shown at Mann's Chinese Theater in 
     Hollywood.  The other print will be used for the international 
     premiere of the movie on June 23 in London and will then be flown to 
     New York, where it will be screened at the Loew's Astor Midtown on 
     June 27, 28 and 29. 
     Stated "Batman & Robin" producer Peter Macgregor-Scott:  "We  
     already knew that `Batman & Robin' was going to be a feast for the 
     eyes and we wanted it to have every advantage in its presentation. 
     I remembered the big movies of the 1950s and 1960s and how beautiful 
     their colors looked on the screen. 
     "When I learned that Technicolor intended to re-introduce the  
     dye-transfer process for theatrical use, I urged them to select 
     `Batman & Robin' as a perfect subject to re-introduce the process 
     "We're very pleased that Technicolor was able to provide us with  
     two prints made using the dye transfer method, setting a landmark in 
     modern film post-production and making a striking film even more 
     The dye-transfer process was used until the mid-1970s to give  
     films brilliant colors, white whites and rich blacks.  The 
     photo-mechanical dye transfer process utilizes three single-color 
     records known as matrices, printed directly from the original color 
     negative camera film.  Each matrix is dyed and, subsequently, each dye 
     is transferred to a single ribbon of print film incorporating all 
     Stated D. Barry Reardon, president of Warner Bros. Domestic  
     Theatrical Distribution, "We think audiences will really notice the 
     improvement when they see the remarkable color and richness in `Batman 
     & Robin.'  It's always our goal to give our audiences the very best 
     in movie-going experiences, so we're proud to be the first to offer 
     Technicolor's classic dye-transfer print process on our new movie." 
     Stated Ron Jarvis, president of Technicolor:  "The time is right  
     to bring the utmost quality back to the screen by exhibiting prints 
     made using the dye-transfer process.  It is our goal to make this 
     process available for bulk release within the next 12 months. 
     "We were pleased to work with the filmmakers of `Batman & Robin'  
     to bring dye-transfer technology back to the screen in this limited 
     edition, and we look forward to working with other filmmakers to bring 
     this beautiful way of reproducing images to the widest possible 
     audience in the near future." 
     Conrad Hunziker III
     copyright 1997  Photocon <Photocon at ix.netcom.com>  cinematography-l>>>

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