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Re: Bravo, Technicolor

It has been reported in the trades that only two special prints have been
produced and they will only run this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday at
Mann's Chinese and Westwood, followed by the London Premiere and then a day
or two of special screenings in NY.
I saw the movie at a cast and crew screening on the Warner Bros. lot and
was very impressed by the print, but it was not announced that it was the
special print. If I find out the screening was of the traditional print -
I'll definitely be at one of the special screenings!

At 5:57 PM -0400 6/22/97, JimErkson at aol.com wrote:
>I saw Batman & Robin this weekend, and was absolutely enthralled by the look
>of the print.  Noting that Technicolor was featured in the credits, I did a
>bit of research today and discovered that this film is one of the first in a
>revival of the Technicolor die-transfer process.
> The fact that I went to see this movie with no prior knowledge of the
>revival of this process, and was moved enough by the look of it to say "wow"
>a couple of times during the showing, is perhaps testiment to superiority of
>this process!
>I will be counting the days to the re-issue of "The Wizard of Oz"
>No, I am in no way affiliated with Technicolor, etc.-etc.
>Jim Erickson, Colorist, Colorlab

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