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Gary Shaw  6/25/97 8:20  wrote:

> We have been plagued by a problem that has persisted for 
> almost 3 years.  One of our rooms is configured with a 
> Quadra and A Rennaisance 888 without DUI. On occasion which 
> is usually when there are 8 people in the room, the VDU 
> looses lock, ...

This reminds me...   on some Quadras and FDL90,
Keylinks were 'losing phase' in certain occasions 
(two people in the room even).
Last week we had confirmation that the new BTS PR840-T biphase 
PROM (available at BTS) solves the 'once in a while' phasing 
jomps.  Quadras are now said to behave like Cintels on this 

I don't know if your 'lost lock' is related to biphase
generation, but it is worth to contact the man who handled 
the tacho generator problem so well.

Alan Ross 
tel +49 6155 870 857
fax +49 6155 870 692
101472.2742 at compuserve.com


Jean-Pierre Beauviala                      http://www.aaton.com

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