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Thanks for the response Ivor.
Yes we did try another vdu and it presented the same problem, we will try
your suggestion about a monitor with a wider capture range.
The problem is difficult to troubleshoot because although we can verify
that the signal has doubled the only way to make it go away is to reboot
the system. Then it seems to fail while loading gamma tables, over and
over. Finally it gets through the load then comes up only to fail an hour
later...it might be just sitting there or you might be making a color
correction. Again you have to repeat this dance. We have tried sheilding
the cpu board and we have tested it thermally...and nothing seems to cause
it to fail other than random events. We initially started by swapping out
cards with Da Vinci...then finally the frame. THe only thing we taht has
not been swapped are the control panels. We are in the dark. 

> From: Ivor Westpfahl <ivor at vljhb.vlg.co.za>
> To: gshaw at pacificvideo.com
> Subject: Re: VDU BLUES
> Date: Thursday June 26 1997 1:01 AM
> Hello Gary 
> Can you supply some more info?  Did you loop the vdu signal on to 
> another vdu to check that the signal is ok?
> We use our own vdu and not one supplied from daVinci. Is yours 
> supplied with the system?
> We selected a monitor that has a wide capture range and have never 
> had this problem.
> Regards
> Ivor Westpfahl
> The Video Lab
> South Africa
> http://www.videolab.co.za

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