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Re: Entry to Guestbook

On Jun 29,  3:37, Howard Thomas wrote:
} Subject: Entry to Guestbook

> Not browsing - earnestly seeking info on the use of film in television
> production.  We are Screen Africa, the leading newspaper and journal
> for the South African film and TV industry, incorporating multimedia
> and events staging Howard Thomas <angelavs at iafrica.com> Johannesburg,
> South Africa - Sunday, June 29, 1997 at 03:37:43 (PDT)

Howard, you will find a wealth of material in the TIG archives, in the
TIG webpages.  Please contact the original author/poster for
permission before you quote or publish from this archive.

However, a more 'active' approach by you in the Telecine Internet
Group is welcome, if you would like to subscribe.  I do ask that
commercial groups wishing to use the TIG make a contribution to its
upkeep-- the internet connection costs $388 per month, and the
server equipment costs are substantial.  Contact me for more


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