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PROBLEMS - da Vinci Renaissance

Dear Folks,

We have the latest version da Vinci Renaissance 8:8:8 (May 1997) but we 
have rather alot of snags with it. Several representatives of da Vinci 
have been here but some problems are still outstanding.

According to da Vinci, our problems are unique and we are the only ones 
who have trouble, but we would like to know if any of you are 
experiencing the same.


1) The TLC Edit Computer always needs many attempts before it edits.

2) Configuration takes a long time. It often hangs in the middle of the 
process. This can take from 1/2 to 1 hour in the morning. Normally we 
donīt switch the machine off at night because of this. However if we have 
to change the configuration from say 16 to 35 mm during a session then 
this is a major cause for embarrassment as we havenīt planned for this 

3) If you change from Positive to Negative, restore an old session or 
change the saturation then the the TK goes into illegal, non-stoppable 
Fast Rewind - very bad for the film!

4) If Trackball Gain and Gamma, Gain Control or Black is operated then 
the picture judders for one second then recovers or a "bar-code" appears 
across the picture and this take about 20 seconds to decay.

5) When the TK is rewinding it is not possible to load/save a 
configuration or a session. This represents about 2 minutes of time 

6) The panels (especially Dedicated Keyboard and Joypanel) crash and 
reboot about 2 times per hour. The Softpanel crashes once per day but 
this does not reboot but simply displays Copyright Motorola: This 
requires a full system shutdown.

7) Sometimes when pressing the Play key or Stop key the picture goes dark 
or very light. This can be restored by pressing Stop again then Play.

One or more of these problems occur about 20 times per day. And the 
machine is in use for normally 15 hours per day.

If any of you have other faults or better, solutions we would be most 
grateful if you would let us know.

Best wishes,

Phil Budden
DAS WERK, Munich

Phil at das-werk.de

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