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Re: Richard Terpilowski

At 3:24 PM 6/25/97, OPTIONSPJ at aol.com wrote:
>To the Group:
>During a business trip to LA last week, Peter and I had debated whether to
>visit Richard Terpilowski......
>We encourage those of you that know Richard and are (or  have the chance) to
>be in the LA area to please make an effort to visit with him.  Now, more than
>ever, he needs your support and to know you are there to encourage him along
>in his Road to Recovery.  Peter and I are certainly glad we made that
>stop-over at Northridge....it definitley gladdened our hearts.

Thanks to Donna and Peter for posting. Rich. needs all the moral support we
can give him at this time. It must be very frustrating and tedious for
someone as intelligent and "quick" to be cooped up in hospital. I know from
personal experience that RT really enjoys visits from friends and
colleagues in our biz, it means that we still care, and also that he has
something to look forward to.
If you have been holding off paying him a visit, now's the time to go over
and say hi.
The Northridge Hospital is just East of the intersection of Reseda and
Roscoe, and Rich. is in the "IFL tower" on the 3rd floor. Go visit!

Rgds to all
Mike Orton

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