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PROBLEMS - da Vinci Renaissance

philip budden wrote:

Dear Folks,

We have the latest version da Vinci Renaissance 8:8:8 (May 1997) but we 
have rather alot of snags with it. 

3) If you change from Positive to Negative, restore an old session or 
change the saturation then the the TK goes into illegal, non-stoppable 
Fast Rewind - very bad for the film!

Try using one of the tk jog keys to stop the runaway.

5) When the TK is rewinding it is not possible to load/save a 
configuration or a session. This represents about 2 minutes of time 

This is a "feature" of the latest release. What release are you using? New

One or more of these problems occur about 20 times per day. And the 
machine is in use for normally 15 hours per day.

Ouch! You need professional help. Anyone else?


Bob Festa                                 festa at pacbell.net
Encore Santa Monica               festa at encorevideo.com
310 656 7663

thanks to Ricardo Herling at Casablanca in Sao Paulo
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