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Re: URSA Gold/Diamond vs Spirit

This is a response to David Fenton's statement about the rumors re:
Spirit vs URSA. 

We at Nice Shoes, a NYC post shop, own two recent model URSA Golds. We
plan to upgrade to Diamond whenever practical. Both systems have been
"TWIggied" and the pictures we produce are nothing less than excellent.

As is often the case in our business, there have been quite a few
situations when a client comes to us to transfer additional scenes for a
commercial due to creative changes. In certain cases the original
transfer was done on a Spirit, due most likely to the fact that there
are two Spirits in the New York area. 

Both our colorists and our clients have been supprised and delighted to
find that we've had no problem at all matching all parameters of the
Spirit transfers. 

As we are mainly a D-1 house we are able to view and match the original
transfers in uncompressed component video. We've yet to find any area of
the transfer that the Spirit beats the URSA, other than perhaps the
subjective look of the image which I don't care to comment on at this

We also hear from our clients and through the grape vine that the
original $2,000 per hour rate for the Spirit has been heavly discounted
or reduced, sometimes lower than our URSA rates. 

Always trying to keep abreast of what's going on in our industry, I'd
love to hear personal comments and experiences from the TIG Forum
regarding the Spirit vs URSA, addressing both quality and price. I hope
this doesn't start up a new flame fight but that it will provide
information that will help us all.


Howie Burch
President, Nice Shoes

thanks to Ricardo Herling at Casablanca in Sao Paulo
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