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Re: ACMED code

At 05:50 PM 7/1/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Can someone explain to me what ACMED code is?

Hi Dave, 
OK I'll Give it a shot.

The Acmed code system is employed solely in feature post pro.
This is how I understand it. First: The dailies are printed. 
All the dailies could be printed ,but usually just the circle takes
Next: All the circle takes are assembled on to rolls according to
there scene numbers, the rolls are no more than 1200ft. (We are
talking 35mm here, I've never seem a 16mm acmed job.)
These select rolls are then sunk up with 35mm Mag track that
has the original audio time code recorded on the balance stripe. 

The picture and Mag are then married and given a prefix number.
The prefix number is the SCENE number. Both rolls are then ran
thru a machine (with a French name I can't remember)that prints
the prefix number and the footage and frame count on (not into)
the edge of the workprint and on the back of the mag track . . So 
the code on the roll for Scene 12 would be0012 0000+00. at the
head punch.

It should be noted : NEVER clean a Acmed workprint in an 
ultrasonic cleaner. You will wash off the code and your bath 
will become alphabet soup. :-) If you feel you must clean the
workprint use the PTRs on the rewind bench.

Now you must telecine the roll of select workprint with 
the interlocked Mag. The way I do this is to use the 
"Mag Follower/G"  mode on my Aaton Keylink. The burn-ins that
are usually used are: Video TC, Acmed Code, and by patching the
Channel 2 output of the mag dubber into the Aux. TC in of the 
Keylink .. Burn-in the Audio TC. 

If you wish the make a DataBase in this Mode you must "G" or 
really "TAB" each slate after the audio numbers have updated. 

This reminds me, that I have not picked on JPB or Allain for 
in a long time. It would be helpful, Guys that in addition to 
the "Mag Follower/G" mode we had just a "Mag Follower" mode. In
other words the database events would trigger automatically as 
the Keylink sensed a discontinuity in the audio TC. This would 
not only save time but allow me to eat my lunch in peace.  

In closing, I must confess I don't understand Acmed code.
I mean it really does not help you get back to the OCN.
You still need the negative cutter to eye match up the workpix 
to the neg. So other that being a nice way to organize the dailies
for the editor, what so great about it?

Jim Mann
DuArt Film and Video


thanks to Ricardo Herling at Casablanca in Sao Paulo
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