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Re: Frame to Field transfers

>>From: spence burton <sburton at henninger.com>
>>We have recieved a request for frame to field transfer. Shoot at 60fps
>>and transfer one film frame per video field....deletia...
>From: Dave Satin
>There are, of course two ways to accomplish this miracle.....deletia... If
>you have MetaSpeed, you
>can actually xfer the film at 60 fps onto any video recorder........

The problem with running the telecine at 60 fps is that the Frame Buffer of
the telecine (Digiscan or equivalent) cannot run at any rate faster than 30
fps so you in effect will skip print every other film frame.  The original
request was film frame to video field transfer at 60 fps so what needs to
be done is transfer the film to a disc recorder running the telecine at 30
fps.  Then play the Disc back at 2x speed in the field mode (Interp OFF).
This will then have each video field derived from a new film frame to get
the fluid look of a live video camera but the image quality of film.  We've
done this on request from time to time.  It's definitely a unique look.

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