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25fps negcut question

I have someone here in Chile who has a problem that I know someone out
there can solve!!!

He filmed in the UK  at 25fps including Sound at the same speed.

Then he flew back to Chile and transferred all the material to NTSC but
at 25 fps.  There wasn't any problem syncing the sound but now there is
a worry about cutting the negative in exact relation to the final Video
Edit, because it is meant to join up exactly with the final Audio Mix,
which BTW was transferred to Mag at 25 fps.

I thought about doing another transfer for him (I didn't do the
first!!!), but this time with keycode.

Anyway the point is.....  Does anyone have a little formula for making
sure that the neg is cut at the exact correct position????

Thanks all,

Ken Robinson
Imagen Transfer

Thanks to Colorlab of Maryland for support of the TIG in 1997
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