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Batman/Technicolor redux

I noticed there were no further comments about Technicolor's IB Batman
print on here; I thought maybe there would be a TIG field trip to go check
it out last weekend.  ;)

I saw the movie over the weekend (twice, actually, and don't ask how I got
wrangled into that) and at the time, didn't realize that I was in fact
watching this "special" print.  (Think I'd gotten the dates mixed up.)
But, I saw the film at Mann's Chinese, so I guess that means it was the IB

The film is visually striking to begin with, but I imagine this process
really does add to the look.  The colors did seem exceptionally vibrant and
well-defined, and I remember thinking, during one of the opening shots,
that I was seeing a color (or at least a "look") that I don't remember ever
seeing on a film print before.  I guess it would be really slick to be able
to see a "regular" print side-by-side with an IB print to see how
noticeable the difference really is.

Yesterday, I ran into a Technicolor employee, and we talked about this a
bit.  One item that he mentioned was of particular interest:  Eventually,
he says, they'll strike LoCon prints for telecine using this same process.
Would this really be of value, given the constraints of the NTSC color
gamut?  How about for HDTV?  A colorist's dream, or just something

Anyway, looking forward to seeing another release using this process.

Larry Andrick, Technical Services Manager
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