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Re: URSA Gold/Diamond vs Spirit

Howard mentions:

> Both our colorists and our clients have been surprised and delighted to
> find that we've had no problem at all matching all parameters of the
> Spirit transfers. 

    In the hands of a skilled colorist, and at today's component 
resolutions, both machines make wonderful pictures.  I have also been 
delighted  to find I can easily match into Rank transfers with the 

   I have found some very nice operating advantages of the Spirit; it 
seems to come up with a nicer looking image at its base memory, and 
one needn't jump through hoops to do a programmed zoom at any speed.  
It also makes much cleaner zooms, for that matter.

  Additionally, it is a little more future-proof in that it can 
output high definition.  As there is little hi-def going on at the 
moment this is certainly a future issue; still it's nice to be 

   But at the current state of D1 output, the Rank and the Spirit are 
formidable machines limited only by the NTSC color gamut and the art 
director's imagination.  
> We also hear from our clients and through the grape vine that the
> original $2,000 per hour rate for the Spirit has been heavily discounted
> or reduced, sometimes lower than our URSA rates. 

The math is different for different facilities and locations.  Our 
Spirit book rate of $550/hr seems to be acceptable for our market. 
Our clients have been very enthusiastic about the quality of pictures 
it produces, and the issues of pricing have not kept folks away.  

  In summary, I agree with Howard that at current D1 resolutions both 
machines make excellent pictures.  Personally, I have found the 
Spirit to have some operating advantages - did I mention how 
wonderfully steady the standard gate is? - and some future-proofing 
advantages that gave it the edge for our facility.  As far as pricing 
goes, a facilities' Real Estate is as much a factor as the cost of 
investment in the equipment.  

   I'm just happy to note that telecines in general look better than 
ever these days, and my thanks to Kodak for the cleaner smoother 
emulsions we have to work with these days.    

Robert Lovejoy
Shooters Post & Transfer
Cherry Hill, NJ

Thanks to Colorlab of Maryland for support of the TIG in 1997
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