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Re: Batman/Technicolor redux

>The film is visually striking to begin with, but I imagine this process 
>really does add to the look.  The colors did seem exceptionally vibrant and 
>well-defined, and I remember thinking, during one of the opening shots, 
>that I was seeing a color (or at least a "look") that I don't remember ever 
>seeing on a film print before.  I guess it would be really slick to be able 
>to see a "regular" print side-by-side with an IB print to see how 
>noticeable the difference really is. 
What I notice was....I have never seen a print so beautiful. Can we say
little Richard here? What I was most impressed with...I almost remember
seeing one little piece of dust....It had to be the cleanest film that I have
ever watched. That was a treat in itself....It sure does beat the method we
video people that hate video use sometimes. I truly did enjoy the visual
experience of BATMAN AND ROBIN. 

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