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Re: automatic filmspeed for DP's

Rob Lingelbach wrote;
> I've heard rumors of a new consumer still film from Kodak that has
> 'automatic' speed, such that one can shoot without setting the ISO of
> the film stock.  Does anyone know more about this, and would this
> concept ever cross over to motion picture film?
I think your referring to Kodaks Advantix system. My understanding of 
concept is they are basically using mag stripe technology to record 
time of
exposure variables such as shutter speed, aspect, and f stop, and 
ISO numbers with a UPC style barcode on the film. Consumers will find 
idiot proof.

I've come across the keycode prefix KR recently. My current tables 
list this stock or its properties. Although my Evertz does recognize 
Can anyone shed some light on KR?
Advantix is only a brand name for the APS format.  ADvanced Photo 
System or APS is designed to replace 35mm, in particular in compact 
type cameras.  The film format size is actually the same as 35mm, but 
they got rid of those pesky perforations which were a hangover from 
when 35mm in still cameras were off cuts from motion picture stock !

Compacts don't really need perfs to pull the film along.  It does have 
a mag strip for recording exposure details and it is rewritable.  
After you have an enlargement and decide on a look that you like (read 
GRADE) it can be stored on the strip.

DV coding has long been a standard on 35mm films.  DX coding is a 
barcode on the canister which atomatically sets the cameras 
lightspeed.  On some more advanced cameras, it tells it if it's a b+w 
film, reversal or neg and what the exposure latitude of that film is !

John Brawley
Lemac Film & Video Services
Melbourne Australia

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