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Transfers, records and Repeatability.

	Perhaps this has been covered, but it is a question I have. First off Let me
just clarify, I am not a Telecine Operator. I am a cinematographer.
So I shoot these pictures. Then I go to the lab, they process my film, and
make me a nice workprint. Because Of my experience with the Lab, and MY
shooting a gray card, I can get a good Idea about the density, and quality of
my Negative, even if I don't like the way the Dailies look. The timing lights
give me a record of what was done to the film to give me the image I saw.
	Aparently Labs, work very hard to calibrate their printing machines to make
sure that the same negative printed: two days, two months, two decades, apart
with the same timing lights will print with the same results. (Granted there
is no Negative fading or dammage) .
	My question is this, when i take my negative to a telecine session, and then
we set up the gray scale, and start correcting. Can the correction settings
be saved? Can I shot something two weeks later, and walk into the telecine ses
sion and say, I'd like to see The correction we did two weeks ago first (or
bring a record of that correction with me), and then go from there? Can the
individual sessions corrections be printed out, in terms of what correction
for what footage.
	Is this what the calibration films that are comming out supposed to help
accomplish? Or is it impossible to balance telecines to the same neutral day
to day.
	I would really love to be able to see/have some kind of readout/printout.
whatever, of the session. Just so I could have a better grasp of how the film
is reacting to the Telecine, and Vice Versa.
Thanks for any ones info on this
steven Gladstone

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