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Re:conforming the neg.

In a message dated 07/04/1997 01:47:40, you wrote:

<<You still need the negative cutter to eye match up the workpix 
to the neg.>>
Before there was Key coding, there were edge numbers, different than edge
coding, as the edge numbers were integral to the film, and edge Coding was
printed on the film. Key coding is really, I believe, a machine readable
version of edge numbers.
When making wkprts, it is of utmost importance that the edge codes be burned
through. That is the entire width of the processed Negative have light shown
through it when printing the Wkprnt, that way the Edge numbers (and Key code)
are printed through onto the workprint. It is kind of a standard, but it
never hurts to ask for it.
With burned through edge numbers, the neg conformer/cutter, can relatively
easily  and Reliably find a frame from the wkprnt, to match the negative.
Although the edge numbers were not on every frame, there was a "zero" frame,
and then you counted plus or minus frames from that zero frame.
I forget how many frames the edge numbers occured, I believe it was at
different intervals for 16mm, and 35mm. 
Steven Gladstone

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