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Re: conforming the neg.

Reference to the Edge/Key Codes:

Maybe this is simplistic, but here's an answer:

Edge codes and Key codes are both actually on the raw stock
of the negative.  Each contain a dot which occurs just before 
the number, which is usually taken to be the zero frame 
[ie, KD 54 4563 5432 + 00] on the count sheets.  The usual
step is to make sure that all involved (Editor, Optical Line-
Up, Negative Cutter) decide that if a dot is absolutely in the
middle of a frameline, then the one to the (higher number) 
side is the + 00 or zero frame.

On 35mm the dots appear every foot, or 16 frames; on 16mm, the
dots appear every foot, or 40 frames.

When ordering film dailies, specify "print edge codes" on your 
lab order.  If ordering transfers, the punch at the head of the 
scene, at the slate, should be correctly "keyed" to avoid 
conflict down the road.

When we are cutting neg, lining up opticals, or matching 
negs to workprints, the above rituals must be followed, or
it is a nightmare.  Recreating count sheets in any media is
not fun.

Tony Munroe

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