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Re: ACMED code (and crumbs)

         bc ab

James Mann/DuArt  7/2/97 3:41  wrote:

> It would be helpful, Guys that in addition to 
> the "Mag Follower/G" mode we had just a "Mag Follower" mode. 
> In other words the database events would trigger automatically 
> as the Keylink sensed a discontinuity in the audio TC. 
> This would  not only save time but allow me 
> to eat my lunch in peace. 

You mean: would allow crumbs to fall on the floor and no 
longer on my keyboard?
OK, ok, you asked for it: the 'Mag no Crumbs' mode
will be available in version 6.03 (Mid-August)

Jean-Pierre Beauviala                      http://www.aaton.com

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