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Re: automatic filmspeed for DP's

>Rob Lingelbach wrote;
>> I've heard rumors of a new consumer still film from Kodak that has
>> 'automatic' speed, such that one can shoot without setting the ISO of
>> the film stock.  Does anyone know more about this, and would this
>> concept ever cross over to motion picture film?
>I think your referring to Kodaks Advantix system. 

Kodak has also introduced a consumer film called Gold Max that has extremely
wide exposure latitude. They have been advertising on TV that it will work
for "all lighting conditions".  I believe it may be related to the Ektapress
Professional format.  Both are T grain types.  I have not tried either, yet.
The Ektrapress is DX coded to 640, but I'm not sure about the Gold Max (the
information I saw did not have a ISO rating).  I don't know if this film was
derived from some of the newer motion picture stocks, of if it is a sign of
things to come.

If the Advantix system could be used on motion picture films, could the data
be stored fast enough to be of any use, and if so, what type of camera mods
would be needed?

Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video Services

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